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The Associazione “Maria Caniglia” onlus advertises the 35th International Singing Competition “Maria Caniglia
The following regulation will pertain:

ART. 1 The competition is open to singers of all registers of voice and of all nationalities, not younger than 18 and born in the year 1985.

ART. 2 The competition will be held in Sulmona from the 29th September to 4th October 2020, and will consist in three rounds: eliminatory, semi-final and final, which will be held at the Teatro Comunale "M. Caniglia", Sulmona (Aq).

ART. 3 Each applicant must enclose the following documents to the filled in application form:
1) an official document that certifying the age and nationality of the competitor;
2) two recent photographs;
3) a short curriculum stating musical studies completed, prizes won, professional activity.
4) The receipt of the payment of € 50 must be enclosed to the application form, as follows:
- with bonifico bancario c/o Banca Popolare dell’Emilia Romagna – Sede di Sulmona –
IBAN IT 93 G 05387 40802 0000 000 64240– SWIFT BPMOIT 22XXX

Under no circumstances the entry fee can be refunded.

ART. 4 Expiring date for the applications is monday 21st September 2020. On the application form, the competitor must indicate clearly his/her register of voice, and what he/she wishes to sing during the competition specifying the composer’s name, the title of each Operas and arias. Arias from operetta are excluded.
The application form is valid if sent by post, fax or e-mail An incomplete or incorrect filling in of the application form may invalidate the application. After the expiring date for applications, no changes in the repertoire is permitted.

ART. 5 The order each competitor will sing is fixed according to the date of receipt of
the application form. The competitors can check the order from Thursday 24th September 2020 visiting the web site of the association or calling the following numers +39 0864 212207. The same order will be followed for the entire duration of the competition, and under no circumstances it can be changed. The competition will start on 29th September at 3:00 p.m. in the Teatro Comunale Maria Caniglia Sulmona.

ART. 6
Eliminatory 29th-30th September 2020: two arias chosen by the competitor from his/her list with piano. The eliminatory will start at 3:00 pm; in the morning of each day, at 10:00 o' clock the rehearsal with the pianist is available.
Semi-Final 1st October 2020: two of the remaining three
arias chosen by the Jury with piano.

2nd and 3rd October 2020 the final candidates will be involved
with the orchestra rehearsals.

Final 4th October 2020: two arias chosen by the Jury from the
competitor’s list, one with piano, the other with orchestra.


1st Prize: € 4.000,00
2nd Prize: € 2.000,00
3rd Prize: € 1.000,00

AUDIENCE AWARD Sponsored by the Municipality of Rivisondoli (AQ)

Prize Lions Club Sulmona
Prize Rotary Club Sulmona

Audience Award Sponsored by the Municipality of Rivisondoli (AQ)

4 Concerts prize April 2018 L. v. Beethoven Symphony 9 "Corale"

ART. 7 During the competition, the competitor will be accompanied by the official pianist. Any competitor who wishes to bring his/her own accompanist may do so at his/her own expenses. In such case the accompanist’s name must be stated on the application form.

ART. 8 Each contestant must submit with the application, a list of 5 songs of Italian and foreign operas of his vocal register, in original language and tonality. Are not permitted arias from operettas. The songs submitted must include the recitative, if required. Contestants will perform in full the air choice, but during the elimination phase, the jury has the right to interrupt the performance of the competitor, after the execution of the first track. All competitors must be given the sheet music for voice and piano pieces chosen for the program.

ART. 9 Full board and lodging will be available at the expense of the Organizing Committee for each competitor who passes the second round, till the final.

ART. 10 The Jury is composed by recognized high level personalities who represent different districts of the musician world. The voting will be secret in all phases of the competition.

ART. 11 Persons who are related in any degree to one or more competitors may not take part in the Juries of national or international competitions. The same exclusion applies to those who currently teach, or during the two years preceding the beginning of the competition have taught one or more competitors privately. Jury members who currently teach, or during the two years preceding the beginning of the competition have taught one or more competitors within a public institution situation must abstain from any discussion regarding the competitor(s) and also from any vote regarding the competition results. Such abstention must be explicitly mentioned in the official report of the competition results. The definition of “pupil” refers to those singers who have studied during the last three years with a member of the Jury.

ART. 12 The submission of the application form implies full knowledge and unconditional application of this regularly and the decisions of the Jury.

ART. 13 The Associazione Maria Caniglia has the right to bring to the present regulation any variations that become necessary for technical or organizational reasons. It is competence of the Associazione Maria Caniglia to take decisions which are not written in the regulation stated above. In case of objection, reference will be made to the Italian text of the regulation.

ART. 14 The signature on the application form is necessary for acceptance of this regulation and, according to the Law 675/96, for the authorization to the treatment of the personal data for requirements of communication and selection.